Fishing Vessel off the Bering Sea in Alaska


The sensors we are using now are ultrasonic sensors, the end of the sensor will sit flush to the inside of the tank(non-intrusive) the other end is threaded into a PVC 1 1/2" to 3/4" bushing. 

This system is a twin tank with 2 sensors per tank (one level full, one level empty) the automatic system is PLC controlled  (24v DC) basically when the tank is empty fill it, when the tank is full empty it. 

Live salmon is pumped into the tank and pumped out of the tank upon arrival at dock in Alaska just off the Bering Sea. 

Maynard Reece supplied 4 Endress & Hauser’s FTL260 Liquid Level Swtiches, which are working as expected and are being supplied for a 90 day trial.