LIVE STEAM SEMINARS  2013/2014 Schedule to be posted soon     For details on this seminar, please email     Steam Trap Surveys The key to maintaining a sizeable steam trap population is incorporating your traps into your regular maintenance program. During a steam trap survey, we not only identify and catalogue all your traps and provide you with a computer dollar printout of losses, we also give you a full written report of recommendations to improve your steam system. In addition, we train your staff on what to look for in the future. The best preventative system is the trained ears and eyes of your maintenance staff. Usually, staff members are encourages to attend a Live Steam Seminar before we conduct a Steam Trap Survey so they are forearmed with knowledge to enable them to gain more from the training that takes place during the trap survey. Steam System Commissioning The best-designed system in the world will not perform adequately if not installed correctly. This holds true all the way from boiler around the steam condensate loop and back to the boiler again. At Maynard Reece, we have worked in conjunction with several consulting engineers to ensure that their designs are installed and functioning properly. We have assisted our industrial clients on countless occasions to troubleshoot systems that were plagued with poor performance, water-hammer, freeze-up, capacity, safety issues, etc. We were commissioned to inspect 3 large boilers before they left the plant in the USA bound for a Canadian client. Heat Exchange Re-tubing Many companies can offer you a simple re-tubing of your existing exchanger. However Maynard Reece has the experience to ascertain why existing exchanger tubes failed in the first place. Also, you may use re-tubing as an opportunity to increase the performance of your exchanger, avoiding the need to buy a new one. Rig Winterization Services Maynard Reece has the experience to work with the client to ensure that the best choices are made to supply heat to the personnel and equipment in the severe conditions of the North Atlantic Ocean. Steam hose stations, unit heaters, HVAC, control valves and special marine type steam trap modules are all brought to bear in this important area. Equipment rationalization is a large aspect of this service. Seminars Unique series of Modular Training Courses held in a State-of-the-Art Interactive Learning Environment at our Dartmouth Training Laboratory.

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